Wilkinson Sword's wonder product that lets you shave, trim and transform your bikini area helping your skin to look healthy and feel super smooth. The trimmer's purple conditioning strips, are enriched with Acai Berry and Jojoba extracts.

Summer Beauty Tips

We have a few simple preparations & grooming tips to help you achieve beautiful skin this Summer – take a look!

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Tip 1:Get super smooth legs

Shaving and exfoliating regularly will help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Tip 2:Moisturise regularly

Treat your skin daily with a good moisturising cream to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

Tip 3:Healthy bronzing

Apply a natural glow and give your legs some glamorous definition.

Tip 4:Keep Hydrated

Drink lots of water to give your body the hydration it needs.

Five steps to bikini confidence Get trimming

Your best ever shave Run a hot shower. This will help open the pores to give a closer shave. It's also practical as your trimmings will simply wash away.

Your best ever shave Select from four trimmer lengths to go as neat as you fancy. Simply push the comb at the tail of the razor to choose how short you want to go (or remove the cap completely for the neatest trim possible).

Your best ever shave When you're ready, push the button to turn on the trimmer.

Then shaving

Your best ever shave Once you've finished with the nifty trimmer on the back of the NEW Quattro for Women Bikini, simply change ends and use the razor to carefully remove all hair from the top of the thighs to the crease of the 'V'. The conditioning strips will ensure minimal irritation but always use a quality shave prep like the Wilkinson Sword Bikini gel to help the razor glide.

Your best ever shave Use the same high performance razor to effortlessly de-fuzz your legs and underarms.

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Six steps to body bliss

Step1 Treat your skin to an invigorating exfoliation at least once a week. This not only helps to keep your skin shimmering, it will extend the life and performance of your blades by getting rid dead skin build-up.

Step2 For the smoothest, closet shave imaginable, it's best to shave in a steamy shower or warm bath as your pores will be open and your hair more supple.

Step3 Try to avoid shaving when you first wake up as your skin may be puffy which makes the job trickier. You'll get a much better result if you can wait for half an hour or so.

Step4 Choose a direction to shave in and stick with it. It's normally best to shave against your hair growth for the closest, silkiest shave.

Step5 Shave underarms from the bottom up and only go over the area once. Remember that Quattro for Women Bikini has four high performance blades, so there's really no need for more than one sweep of the razor.

Step6 Regularly indulge in your favourite body moisturiser to protect and add polish your super smooth skin. Alcohol-free ones are the best, or choose one with a hint of sun to be beautifully bronzed before you even hit the beach.

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Are you a Summer Beauty?

Are you getting ready for summer?

Find out if you are a true 'Summer Beauty' by answering the following 4 quick questions and be entered into our prize draw for a chance to WIN 5 Bikini razors. Keep one for yourself and give 4 to your friends.

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Q1: How often do you shave your legs in the summer?

Q2: What do you use to lather up your legs?

Q3: What do you do to keep your legs silky, smooth and healthy looking in the summer?

Q4: What makes the ultimate winter bath experience?

Am I a Summer Beauty?

Your summer beauty... is in hibernation

Wake-up winter legs, summer has arrived! The natural pale and pasty look is so last season - it's time to get into a regular skin care routine and take some 'me' time for your legs to ensure that they look silky smooth and beach-ready. So whether you're getting ready to sunbathe in your garden on the next bank holiday or preparing for your holiday, make sure you're ready - use the Quattro for Women Bikini razor to shave and trim your way through the sunny summer.

Your summer beauty... is dreaming of warmer days

A regular skin care routine is great, however with the colder weather comes drier skin, so stepping up your daily skin care routine is essential for keeping your skin vibrant and healthy. To make your legs look their very best use the Quattro for Women Bikini razor to shave and trim your way to perfection.

You're springing into summer!

You're a girl that knows how to take care of herself. You keep to your skin care routine and in the summer months put in that extra effort to ensure your legs look sleek, healthy and sun-kissed. To help you keep your legs smooth and silky all summer long, why not try the Quattro for Women Bikini razor and combine shaving and trimming in one girly gadget.

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Winter survival guide

Make sure your skin glows throughout the summer months.
Get smooth and silky skin

Are you an apple or pear

What body shape are you? Find out what styles will suit you this winter.
Dress to impress

What body shape are you?

Rollover your body shape to find out what styles suit you.

Top heavy with a larger bust and tummy but slim legs

Avoid dresses with a high neckline and always choose a dress that draws the eye away from your stomach and in styles that have a slimming effect.

Go for detailed dresses or tailored clothes with strategic gather under the breast to direct all eyes to your waist. Finish off with some heels to add height and lengthen your body and complement your shapely legs.


Bottom heavy with wide hips and thighs

Stay away from clingy skirts and dresses as they highlight the hip area.

Go for dresses that draw the eye away from your lower half by adding detailing to your top half. Strapless dresses or tops that expose your shoulders and adding embellishment on the neckline keeps the attention to your top half.


Straight up and down, boyish shape with few curves

Stay away from loose-fitted clothes.

Go for strongly patterned, dramatic dresses, which should be belted or have a sash at the waist. Add delicate heels to highlight slim ankles. Think big and dramatic - add a big, chunky necklace and other jewellery.


Curvaceous hips and bust with a small waistline

Stay away from lots of detail and fussiness that will draw attention to your bust line.

Focus on showing off your smaller stomach with detailing around this area such as dresses with a belt. Strapless dresses also work well. Avoid stilettos, go for a small, shaped wedge sandal, and a rounded or peep toe shoe.

Want to know more?

Your best ever shave Four ultra-thin blades and two large conditioning strips means Quattro For Women Bikini glides easily over the contours of your skin for a perfect long-lasting silky smooth result. And because it's a system razor, you just need to replace the blades when you're ready and not the entire handle, so you can spend money on other great beauty accessories!

And trimming too! Cleverly disguised in the tail of the razor, the battery operated, waterproof trimmer has a protection comb for safety, ease of use and accuracy. Activated by the touch of a button, this terrific trimmer is the fastest and easiest way to achieve a fuzz-free, flawless bikini area.

Fab look and feel The handle is shaped with girly curves and rubber grip for comfort, control and precision. The funky teal colour will look good in any girl's bathroom.

So practical The razor features a shower hanger which fixes to your tiles to keep your Quattro for Women Bikini dry, clean and neatly stored.

Waterproof Waterproof protection, making it easy to clean your trimmer and blades.

Wilkinson Sword Quattro For Women Bikini is available at a recommended retail price of £8.99.

You can find it at all the following retailers:

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